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Version: 1.8

Author: wprerox Team

Description:Our 2015 default theme is clean, blog-focused, and designed for clarity. Twenty Fifteen's simple, straightforward typography is readable on a wide variety of screen sizes, and suitable for multiple languages. We designed it using a mobile-first approach, meaning your content takes center-stage, regardless of whether your visitors arrive by smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

License:GNU General Public License v2 or later

License URI:http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

Other information not provided for this theme:Theme Date.

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Title wprerox | Best Premium WordPress Themes
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Meta Description Best Premium Wordpress Themes
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- Our Wordpress Themes
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- wprerox at a glance
- Wimba Pinterest Style Theme$0.00
- Why the best choice is our Themes?
- Easy to Use for both Beginners and Experts
- What Our Happy Client Say?
- Real People. Live Support...
- From Our Blog
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- Delightful themes with authentic support
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- Make a ultra-fast and safe static website in minutes with Publii, the new desktop app for Windows and Mac
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- SP Page Builder: Best drag and drop page & content builder for any Joomla site
- Make a ultra-fast and safe static website in minutes with Publii, the new desktop app for Windows and Mac
- Make a ultra-fast and safe static website in minutes with Publii, the new desktop app for Windows and Mac
- Make a ultra-fast and safe static website in minutes with Publii, the new desktop app for Windows and Mac
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What WordPress Theme Is That

Theme identity

Now you can get every detail about the theme & providing the total development and design identity.

What WordPress Theme Is That

Theme Name

Theme name is the main identity of a theme. Every theme can be found easily by its name.

What WordPress Theme Is That

Theme Author

We know that every theme has a creator or developer. The developer name will be shown here.

What WordPress Theme Is That

Theme Version

Theme might have many versions. It helps you to find which version is using of the theme.

How to use What WP Theme Is That site using ?

Enter your root domain URL in the checkbox. In a short time, our analyzer will show your WordPress themes details If you get some is not familiar to you in this site using then keep your Mouse on "?" icon and learn in short description.

What WP Theme Is That
What WP Theme Is That

How to work with these What WP Theme Is That results?

We believe that it is compulsory to research more for being successful and a very good analytical is needed for that. When you will get proper details of your Wordpress theme it will help you to make the right decision for next step. Our results will help you to make concern what is your WordPress theme is that.

Sometimes, people surf anyone WordPress site and fall in love with the theme used on the site. Though it's a hard task to find the exact name of that WordPress theme. if you have a website or you want to know about any website which may developed on WordPress platform then how can you get the details of your desire Website? What is your Wordpress website is that? Now it's become very easy to get the whole details of any WordPress website. It's just a simple step to get knowledge on any WordPress site. Submit your URL and get what is your WordPress website is that.

It will show you which Wordpress theme has used for that site with author details. You will be able to know the version of the theme as we license of that WordPresstheme.It can also help you to find the plugin used on the site. Suppose you have got a website what you are exactly looking for and you want to make a website like that for your own. There is a very effective technique to see which theme and plugins are using that website. no need to get hire some specialist it is in your hand to get the whole details of any website.There are various ways to find which theme is using. But this WP Site analyzer is the coolest and powerful free WordPress theme detection tool of wprerox served a vest number of user.

Process: It is a very simple process like anyone can do it. Just put your URL in the URL input box and hit on the check icon then you will get the whole details of that website with description. Each and every of the result will be very understandable with a simple description.

What you can know : From this service, you will get that data and information what is exactly needed for you.

Theme identity: We have heard sometimes I wish I could know about the website details to make like that for my own. Yes, it's possible and possible in a very easy and simple way through this page. We are providing the total development and design identity of any website. Themes name, author, License, version, and Description of any website we will get from here. So it will be very helpful to make the next step for you.

License: You will see a License policy here. Theme Screenshot: A theme screenshot will visible here. Your home page might same to this screenshot after applying this theme. So all of this data will be very helpful to make the next step for you.

Website contains: It's very important to know the inner or backend content of a website. It helps to make concern that how you should move to your website. In which section you need to develop that idea you will get from here. We know that when you do analysis on a website you just able to see the front end of that website what is not enough to do a good research. So through this service, we will help you to show the backend design and development procedure of that website. What is their meta description, their title, page speed, strength and so many. Here the total overview of that website will be shown in a very understandable presentation.

Development and Design tools: Which plugins have been used here and what is their functionality; You will get a clear conception from here. We can say proudly here our service is best to know any website. We have designed this service with the actual demand of yours. "What is my WordPress theme is that ?" It's a very common question to Wordpress user and system is specially designed for WordPress website. So do a proper analysis with this tool and get the most informative result. We have tried to describe each and every design and development section through this tool. And we are dedicated to spreading this service free of coast.

The F.A.Q.

wordpress site analyzer

  • What is wordpress theme analyzer?

    WP Theme Is That is a free tool where from you can get data and information of any WordPress Website. Which theme A WordPress Website Is Using and all of the plugins details you will get from here. Not only that by using this tool you will get more design and development details of any wordpress website.

  • How to use wordpress theme Analyzer?

    wordpress theme Analyzer is very easy to use. Just input your URL in the check box and get the result.

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