what and why use wordpress

WordPress !! Who are those guys are linked with web development and designing or having a website for business don’t hear about the name WordPress? I think you will get that number of those people, is null. It’s a popular name and let’s talk about what is WordPress?

WordPress is free and an online content management system which is based on PHP and MySQL. And it is the easiest and strong web creation tool in this recent times and also for the all over the time.

Why we use WordPress?

ok, let me tell you that over 75 million websites have used WordPress and WordPress tools as the first choice to born in online. And we can give you top 5 reasons why you should use WordPress.

  1. Popularity: As I said, WordPress is the most popular online content management system(CMS) for all the times. And it has more and more design than the other web creation tools. Plugins, based on PHP and MySQL are too easy to set in the right place and where you want. And most of the time you need not write or build some code for it.
  1. Affordable: One of the best things about WordPress is it is self-hosted and for this reason, there is no cost to installing it and have more than 50000 free WordPress plugins to make a better website by yourself.
  1. Flexibility: WordPress is the highly customizable for great flexibility. And its popularity raises for its lovely and user-friendly framework. And it’s not only for the professionals but also for the beginners and those is not web developers.
  1. Unique designs: WordPress probably the only platform that allows those people who don’t have any programming knowledge, to design, edit, and select any kind of layout he wants.
  1. Lower setup costs: To design a web platform you have to worry about setup and maintenance cost. But If you Choose WordPress, it will be too little for its free plugins, layout, user-friendly, and mostly no code required.

WordPress benefits

The most popular platform for web designing, WordPress has the benefits that you can easily edit and manage it by yourself. Basically, on other platforms, you have to learn a huge coding and need to be an expert to design a website. But WordPress offer you to go with it and you have no need to be an expert on coding just choose your layout and use some plugins and get a dynamic website.

Reason why WordPress is so popular

From the first, when HTML codes were used to design a website, its need to write a huge code but ultimately you didn’t get the design you want. After that, so many platforms have come with their excellent features and unique way to design a website. But in all platform like Joomla, Oracle, HTML and CSS, JavaScript and so on the code is a must. But in WordPress, you can choose themes and use plugins which are already built with PHP and MySQL. So you don’t need to code for it. That’s the reason why WordPress is more popular than the other platform.

where to find WordPress themes?

If you are looking for a theme for your upcoming dynamic website, then relax you are in a right place. wpredox.Com have more than 10000+ themes for your website. you can choose for business web theme, or non-profitable themes from here or any kind of themes you like to work on it. wpredox.Com has most dynamic and most popular web themes than other.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme?

There are so many categories in the wpredox.Com theme Store. there are e-commerce theme, education, business, travel, own blog, portfolio, music, cinema, entertainment and what you want. So if you want to find a right theme for your website, then you have to choose the category first to find the website you like. So the most important thing to find a perfect theme for your website, you have to choose a right category.

How to Choose best WordPress Theme?

Basically, the themes are based on PHP and MySQL so the themes are built in and well organized before you choose. So everything you want on your page may not be added. But there is edit option where you can edit and add or delete plugins of you want. So to choose a Best WordPress theme you have to keep in your mind that it is editable and you can edit with free plugins. And You can choose some best plugins for a minimum price or free from our website which suits you for your upcoming web page.

Top websites who use  WordPress

  1. TechCrunch
  2. The New Yorker
  3. BBC America
  4. Bloomberg Professional
  5. The Official Star Wars Blog
  6. Variety
  7. Sony Music
  8. MTV News
  9. Beyonce
  10. PlayStation.Blog
  11. Sweden’s Official Website
  12. Microsoft News Center
  13. Boingo
  14. Bata
  15. cPanel Blog


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what and why use wordpress

Wordpress !! Who are those guys are linked with web development and designing or having a website for business don’t hear about the name WordPress?

what and why use wordpress

Wordpress !! Who are those guys are linked with web development and designing or having a website for business don’t hear about the name WordPress?

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